The top-of-the-line model in the P Series, featuring authentic piano quality and functionality that will satisfy even experienced pianists

The P-525 is the flagship model of the world-renowned Yamaha P Series of compact digital pianos, offering authentic feel, exquisite sound, and further enhanced keyed instrument Voices.

The piano Voices are two world-class concert grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial.

Its speaker output and the variety and quality of its Voices, including organs and electric pianos, are vastly enhanced from its predecessor, the P-515.

The wooden keyboard—highly acclaimed for its feel—has been upgraded from the NWX keyboard to the 88-key GrandTouch-S™ keyboard. This brings the playing experience even closer to the touch of a grand piano.

With the Registration Memory function for saving and recalling settings and other useful and convenient features for intimate live performances, the P-525 is also well equipped to serve as a stage piano.

We recommend this model for:

- People who want the highest-quality portable pianos

- People who want to perform (solo or with a band) as well as play at home

- People who want a second piano

The GrandTouch-S keyboard offers a realistic playing feel

The P-525 features the highly playable GrandTouch-S keyboard, which also equips Yamaha’s top-flight Clavinova digital pianos. The feel of the keys is as close as it gets to the touch of a grand piano.

The GrandTouch-S keyboard also faithfully simulate tonal variation from subtle differences in how hard, quickly, and heavily they are played, affording grand piano-like variety and richness of tone. The keys are made of solid wood, and the laminated structure makes them resistant to warping and exceptionally durable.

The hands of a person playing the P-525

Simulating the sound of two world-class concert grand pianos in a compact body

The P-525 is equipped with Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Voices. The CFX is characterized by a sparkling treble and powerful bass, while the Imperial has a warm sound known as the Viennese tone.

Despite its compact size, the P-525 offers a full taste of the distinct qualities of these two great pianos.

A photo of Yamaha’s CFX concert grand piano and the Bösendorfer imperial

Play realistic renditions of classic songs of yesteryear

The P-525 features improved organ, electric piano, and other keyed instrument Voices.

The engineers who achieved these improvements are experts in the sound of electric organs and electric pianos and the musical culture associated with them. Their efforts to create faithful, high-quality simulations of familiar sounds—the attack of an organ and the distinctive sound of its Leslie speakers, the reverb, distortion, and other sound effects of the electric pianos that defined 70s and 80s pop music—result in realistic, immersive experiences that make you feel like you are actually playing those instruments.

A photo of the electric piano

Equipped with convenient features for live performances

The P-525 features the Registration Memory function for saving and recalling settings, which is useful and convenient for intimate live performances in cafés, bars, and other small venues. You can program all the Voices and Rhythms in the comfort of home and call them up at the venue when you are ready to play. It is also easy to switch between Voices in the middle of songs.

Other features include Sound Boost and adjustable EQ to ensure that the piano can be heard when playing with other instruments in a band.

A person playing the P-525B in a café
  • Voice icon (542 voices)
  • Song icon (71 preset songs)
  • Headphones icon
  • Metronome icon
  • Rec button icon
  • Rhythm icon
  • Binaural sampling icon
  • Bluetooth icon
  • Sound Boost icon
  • A photo of the inside of grand piano showing
  • An illustration showing the inside of speaker box
  • The Yamaha “Smart Pianist” app icon, together with a tablet placed on the music stand of the P-525
  • An illustration showing how an electronic piano usually sounds when the volume is turned low, and how it sounds when the volumes of low and high-pitched sounds are corrected by the P-525
  • The P-525B on an optional stand with three-pedal unit
  • A view of the Yamaha Rec'n'Share app icon and a person taking a smartphone video of them playing
  • A diagram showing two people setting the P-525 on the optional stand
Information about dimensions & connectivity of P-525. Please refer to the specification chart for details.

Please enjoy this demonstration performance using electric pianos, organs, and other Voices created specifically for the P-525.

CFX Grand


Studio Grand

Stage E. Piano

DX E. Piano

Vintage E. Piano

Jazz Organ 1

Rock Organ

Organ Principal

Organ Tutti

Harpsichord 8'

E. Clavichord




Dark Pad

Acoustic Bass

Electric Bass

Fretless Bass

Nylon Guitar


P-525 Ny

The top-of-the-line portable digital piano in the P Series. This model features wooden keys, CFX and Bösendorfer Voices, and offers the capabilities of an authentic piano in a sophisticated design, perfect for playing at home or in small live performances. Compatible with the optional LP-1/FC35 three-pedal unit.

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