Alto Wooden Recorders

The Beauty of Natural Wood

Many players insist on the tonal qualities of natural wood. When it has been specially seasoned, natural wood creates a tone of great depth; a tone that is warm, glowing, alive. Yamaha offers a complete line-up of wooden recorders, from our inexpensive 40 series to handmade models that will satisfy the most demanding soloist. They are available in a variety of woods for subtle sound differences.


This Castellowood recorder has a smooth and beautiful tone for an attractive, traditional recorder sound capable of subtle expression. System: Baroque, Material: Castellowood


Made of beautiful Rosewood, this recorder has a vigorous and expressive tone containing both dynamism and sweetness. System: Baroque, Material: Rosewood


This recorder is hand-crafted from Castellowood, and features a soft and natural, traditional Baroque sound capable of great expression. System: Baroque, Material: Castellowood


Like YRA-801, YRA-811 has sweet and soft tone capable of subtle expression. The artificial ivory rings add definition to the sound while enhancing the appearance of the recorder. System: Baroque, Material: Castellowood


This recorder is crafted from top quality Rosewood for a rich full tone with abundant overtones. It is capable of both strong and delicate performance. System: Baroque, Material: Rosewood


Kingwood is a hard and dense wood which gives a strong and clearly defined tone with powerful projection. System: Baroque, Material: Kingwood


Ebony is another dense wood which is characterized by an elegant transparent sound and a nimble response. System: Baroque, Material: Ebony


This Baroque pitch recorder is a replica of the famous Denner recorder. It recreates warm and mellow tone of the original instrument. The G/G# and F/F# positions have double holes to accommodate modern playing styles. System: Baroque, Material: Castellowood, DENNER model A=415Hz

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