French Horn Mouthpieces

  Rim Inner Diameter
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Volume &
V Cup   29B/SOMMERVILLE 30B 31B 32B     34B BACON
U Cup   29C4 30C4   32C4  33C4 34C 34C4 35C4
Double Cup   29D4 30D4 31D4 32D4        
    30 31 32        
V Cup: As a cup approaches the “V” shape the sound becomes darker and the lower register becomes easier to play.
U Cup: The more “U” shaped a cup is, the brighter the sound and the easier it is to play in the high register.
Double Cup: A “double cup” design, essentially a combination of the “U” and “V” shapes, facilitates playing throughout the instrument’s range.
  GP Series available
  Signature Series