Clarinet Mouthpieces

Custom Series

Model 4CM 5CM 6CM
Bb/A Clarinet Tip Opening 1.05mm 1.10mm 1.15mm
Facing Length 21.0mm 21.0mm 21.0mm

Standard Series

Model 3C 4C 5C 6C 7C
Eb Clarinet Tip Opening 0.95mm 1.00mm 1.05mm 1.10mm 1.15mm
Facing Length 17.0mm 17.0mm 17.0mm 17.0mm 17.0mm
Bb/A Clarinet Tip Opening 1.00mm 1.05mm 1.10mm 1.20mm 1.30mm
Facing Length 19.0mm 19.0mm 19.0mm 19.0mm 19.0mm
Eb Alto Clarinet Tip Opening 1.30mm 1.40mm 1.50mm 1.60mm 1.70mm
Facing Length 22.0mm 22.0mm 22.0mm 22.0mm 22.0mm
Bb Bass Clarinet Tip Opening 1.60mm 1.70mm 1.80mm 1.90mm 2.00mm
Facing Length 31.0mm 31.0mm 31.0mm 31.0mm 31.0mm


Model Comments
3C Easy control and good response from lower to higher ranges, even for beginners.
4C Helps obtain a well-balanced tone over all octaves, for professionals and beginners alike.
5C Facilitates a richer, fuller volume than 4C, with a greater tonal variety.
6C An excellent mouthpiece for experienced players seeking powerful volume, strong tone, and rich tone variety.
7C A jazz favorite for penetrating volume with a rich, strong sound and precise tonality.