En ny dimension till din Yamaha Disklavier

Enhances your listening pleasure

The DKC-900 lets your Disklavier do more than simply play back piano songs. It also lets it recreate performances by top artists—many recorded exclusively for Yamaha. Whether it’s an ensemble, orchestra, or vocal performance, you’ll be immersed in pure musicality.

Connects to your smart device

The ENSPIRE Controller app (for iOS or Android) lets you connect your Disklavier with a smartphone or tablet. Using the app, it’s easy to select and download songs or record your own performance.

Seamless design

The DKC-900 unit is compact enough to be installed unobtrusively on a Disklavier. It will blend in seamlessly with the elegant lines of your Yamaha piano.


Detta är en uppgradering tillgänglig för Disklavier E3 och Mark IV. En ny dimension.

Installing on the piano

Grand piano

The control center unit is attached underneath the piano. The switch box is attached under the left side of the keyboard.

Upright piano

The control center unit is attached to the rear of the piano. The switch box is attached under the right side of the keyboard. Some wiring work is required.

Rest assured—installation of the upgrade unit is performed in your home by a piano technician or an authorised Piano Service Station.

1. The installation can be completed in your home so it is not necessary to move your piano to a dealer’s store or other location. Installation is subject to a fee.

2. The installation process may take a few hours.

3. When installing in an upright piano, the instrument will need to be moved away from the wall.

4. After the installation, it is recommended that you have your piano tuned and regulated.

Färgerna och finishen som visas kan avvika från färgerna och finishen på den faktiska produkten.