GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard: Well suited for the beginner pianist and delivers the graded, weighted touch piano teachers recommend for building proper technique for playing acoustic pianos.

GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard: GH3 keyboard swings back faster, like high quality piano keys. GH3 keyboard allows the player to feel the weight of the key when depressed a second time, even when the player has not completely released the key after the first push of the key.

Half-pedaling is the function that enables you to change the amount of sustain by varying the degree to which the damper (sustain) pedal is applied. If the effect of the damper pedal causes the passage to be smeary, you can reduce the effect by decreasing the degree that the damper (sustain) pedal is depressed.

Polyphony is the total amount of notes that can be played by a musical instrument at one time. If the polyphony count is exceeded, the first notes played will begin dropping out.

A higher polyphony count enables you to enjoy playing more complex songs with both hands and extensive use of the damper pedal without interrupting the sound.

The width of the 88-key digital piano is over 1,350 mm [53-1/4"], and the depth of that is over 300 mm [11-13/16’’].

So, to play the digital piano with correct posture, at least 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm [59-1/16’’ x 59-1/16’’] is needed for placing the digital piano and the bench.

No, it cannot be placed against the wall, since the key cover will bump into the wall when opening it.

* Even if the instrument is placed close to the wall, please attach the included anti-fall brackets to the instrument, to ensure stability.

* NOTICE: In the case of attaching anti-fall brackets on the instrument, the total depth will be longer than the depth of the piano body with the key cover open. The depth of the piano body with the key cover open, the depth of the piano body, and the depth of the piano body with anti-fall brackets attached are as follows.

Can it be placed against the wall? Can it be placed against the wall?

Almost all the digital pianos can be disassembled.

If you want to move the digital piano to another location but it is too big to move, you can disassemble it.

To disassemble the unit, reverse the assembly sequence on the owner’s manual. Disassembly should be carried out by at least two people.

Note the following points when you assemble, disassemble, and transport the instrument.

・Be careful not to lose any items, like screws.

・Do not subject the instrument to excessive vibration or shock.

・Do not put anything on the instrument.

・Please check the weight of the instrument on the owner’s manual.

・After you disassembled the instrument, always keep the keyboard horizontally. Standing the keyboard up may cause damage to the keyboard.

The model name and the serial number are written on the sticker attached to the bottom of the keyboard.

Where is the model name and serial number (SER No.) written on?

Digital pianos (YDP) with the "standard stereo phone" connector allow you to connect headphones with the "standard stereo phone plug [6.3 mm] (1/4 inch)".

* Check the Owner's manual to see which terminals your digital pianos are equipped with.

Alcohol solutions (including alcohol-based disinfectants) and chlorine solutions can cause discoloration and deterioration of keys, exterior surfaces, panels, and so on. In addition, alcohol disinfectants for hands and fingers may also discolor or deteriorate the keys and control surfaces if alcohol remains on the hands.

After disinfecting your hands and fingers, make sure your hands are completely dry before touching the keys or buttons.