YVC-200 Unified Communications Speakerphone

With Yamaha’s leading sound processing technologies, the YVC-200 delivers full-duplex conversation without sound dropouts, even when multiple people are speaking at once. In addition, a powerful speaker deliver audio that sounds true to life, so it feels as if every remote participant on the call is in the room. With the YVC-200, users can easily hear what’s being said and be heard, enabling highly productive team collaboration from anywhere.

Stress-free, trouble-free, and comfortable remote communication

Yamaha's unique audio signal processing enables comfortable remote communication in a compact body that fits in the palm of your hand.

  • "Adaptive echo canceller" – Delivering full-duplex conversation for efficient business communication
  • "Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD)" – Distinguishing human voice over noise
  • "Noise reduction" – Reducing noise for clearer communication
  • "Automatic gain control" – Ensuring that everyone can hear and be heard

Additionally, the YVC-200's sound signal processing function supports super-wideband (Fs 32 kHz). By integrating the YVC-200 with a UC application including a wideband codec, you can fully utilize the UC application audio quality without any degradation, enabling even more realistic remote communication.

High stability automatically adapted to the environment

The audio quality is usually controlled by the environment where the speakerphone is used; however, Yamaha's sound signal processing ensures high stability automatically adapted to the environment delivering audio with a high degree of clarity to remote call partners anytime, anywhere.

360 degrees microphone pick up range

The YVC-200 microphone covers 360 degrees to assuredly pick up and deliver users' voices. Audio picked up by the YVC-200 is delivered with high clarity to your call partner through Yamaha's original sound signal processing.

Maximum 88 dB loud speaker

Despite being a compact speakerphone, the YVC-200 provides speaker output up to 88 dB. You can assure the other party's voice is heard with sufficient volume in remote communication. Participants can relax when participating in meetings without having to strain their ears to hear the call partner's voice played from the speaker.

Equipped with USB and Bluetooth with fast pairing to NFC-enabled devices, the YVC-200 provides smart and simple connection with multiple devices, OSs and conference applications. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation. You can start a meeting anytime, anywhere, including ad-hoc meetings in the office or customer’s office, without missing cues for making immediate decisions or relaying inspiring ideas.

“Plug-and-Play” with any device using USB® and Bluetooth® with NFC, no special drivers or software required.

With both USB and Bluetooth® interfaces, the YVC series can start remote communication simply by connecting to a PC or Mac, or smartphone or tablet. When using with a smartphone or tablet, just perform pairing using the same procedure as connecting to a Bluetooth® speaker or headset. Also, as it supports pairing via NFC, just hover the NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet over the YVC device to complete pairing.

Powered by rechargeable battery for completely portability up to 10 hours or longer

Connect to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to achieve smart remote communication without the need for complicated cables. While operating with power supplied from the lithium battery, the device is capable of providing up to 10 hours of continuous calls. You can spend a full day communicating remotely from various locations without ever worrying about your remaining battery power.

Multi-platform compatibility, seamless connectivity with any remote conference system

The YVC-200 supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Combine it with various devices with one of these OSs installed to enable a solution for remote communication.

Excellent portability, with carrying case

Its small, lightweight, and space-saving design is perfect for portability, in a stylish carrying case*.

* carrying case is provided in the package when purchasing YVC-200

Available in a choice of white or black with stylish design, the unit blends into any home or corporate office decor. Its small, lightweight, and space-saving design is perfect for portability and for deployment at laptop or mobile terminals. A headset jack allows for private listening and the option to enjoy music through the unit between calls.

Stylish design with choice of white/black colors

The YVC-200's stylish design fits various scenes including the office, home, or business hotel. Two color variations (black and white) are also available so that users can select a unit to match their personal preferences or the location of use.

Headset connections to enable remote communication with confidentiality

The YVC-200 also has a headset jack to enable remote communication with confidentiality when you don't want to be overheard. Private listening allows remote communication at your own seat or listening to music to improve your concentration, all without bothering those around you.

User-friendly touch sensor button

On top of the YVC-200 are the five buttons frequently used in remote communication, namely the microphone mute button, speaker mute button, speaker volume buttons (+/-), and call button, giving you instant access to these functions. Since these buttons are touch sensors, click sounds when buttons like tactile switches are pressed are not delivered as noise to the call partner. Also, a sound is played as feedback to the user when these buttons are pressed.

Seamless transition between calls and music

The YVC-200 automatically mutes music being played via Bluetooth to answer a call on a UC application, playing only the audio from the conversation partner on the speaker. When the call is finished, the mute is automatically cancelled and music starts playing again. So, the users can enjoy smooth transition of "concentration" and "communication" effortlessly.