RM-TT Tabletop Array Microphone

Dimensions W140 mm × D140 mm × H41.5 mm
Vikt 310 g
Power Requirements PoE (IEEE 802.3af), DC 48 V
Maximum Power Consumption 4.5 W
In Operation Temperature 0 - 40 ℃
Humidity 30 % - 90 % (No condensation)
Storage Temperature -20 - 60 ℃
Humidity 20 % - 90 % (No condensation)
Indicator Mute Indicator (Mute/Unmute), Status Indicator (Ring), Network Port Indicator
Maximum Device Number with RM-CR 14 (without VXL1-16P, up to 16)
Accessories Installation Manual, Table-top mounting adapter, 3 x Screw for mounting, 3 x spacer
Ether1 Dante Audio/Dante Control, Remote Control, Web UI, PoE
Cable Requirements Cat 5e or higher (STP)
Audio I/O Dante 1in x 2out, In1=AEC reference signal/Out1=output of beam mix, Out2= output of beam mix (simple processed)
Sampling Rate 48 kHz
Bit Depth 24 bit
Latency 46 ms (except for toroidal directivity), 50 ms (for toroidal directivity), 20 ms (low-latency mode except for toroidal directivity), 22 ms (low-latency mode for toroidal directivity)
Frequency Response 160 Hz – 16 kHz (-10 dB)
Maximum Input Level of SPL (0dBFS) 106.8 dB SPL
Self Noise 6.3 dBA SPL
SN Ratio (Ref. 94 dB SPL at 1 kHz) 87.7 dBA
Sensitivity -12.8 dBFS/Pa
Dynamic Range 100.5 dBA
Signal Processing Auto Voice Tracking, AEC, NR, Dereverberation, Auto Mixer, AGC, User PEQ, Output Gain, Selectable Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Hyper Cardioid, Super Cardioid, Omni, Bi-Directional, Toroid

Frequency Response/Polar Pattern