Please make sure to use the appropriate versions of NUAGE system components which are compatible with each other, referring to the following compatibility charts. Using an unsupported component combination may result in malfunction.

Namn OS (Operativsystem) Storlek Senaste uppdateringen
Dante Accelerator Firmware V4.0.2 6.7MB 2023-03-23
TOOLS for NUAGE V2.2.0 for Mac macOS 13-10.12 (Intel) Mac 45.6MB 2023-03-23
TOOLS for NUAGE V2.2.0 for Win 11/10 (64-bit) Win 43.7MB 2023-03-23
Nuage I/O Firmware V1.20-3 17.7MB 2022-11-10
Dante Accelerator Driver V2.5.3 for Mac macOS 13-10.12 (Intel) Mac 1.9MB 2021-06-30
Dante Accelerator Driver V2.5.2 for Mac OS 10.14.3*-10.9 Mac 2.1MB 2019-08-06
Nuage Fader Firmware V2.01 4MB 2019-02-21
Nuage Master Firmware V2.01 4MB 2019-02-21
Dante Accelerator Driver V2.0.4 for Win 11/10/8.1/7 (64-bit) Win 2.9MB 2017-09-21

NUAGE Brochure

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Namn Svenska Engelska
AIC128-D Driver Installation Guide [205KB]
AIC128-D Getting Started [4.1MB]
AIC128-D Operation Manual [1.3MB]
Dante Controller V3.5.x User Guide [2.1MB]
Dante Controller V4.1.0.x User Guide [2.4MB]
Mixing with VST MultiPanner [616KB]
NUAGE FADER Getting Started [2.8MB]
NUAGE FADER Operation Manual [English] [8MB]
NUAGE Firmware Update Guide [430KB]
NUAGE I/O (16D/16A/8A8D) Operation Manual [4.4MB]
NUAGE MASTER Getting Started [2.4MB]
NUAGE MASTER Operation Manual [English] [10.8MB]
NUAGE Workgroup Manager Operation Manual [English] [449KB]
TOOLS for NUAGE Installation Guide [English] [225KB]
Namn Svenska Engelska
Dante Controller V3.5.0 Release Notes [176KB]
Dante Controller V3.5.2.1 Release Notes [176KB]
Dante Controller V3.5.3.1 for Win Release Notes [208KB]
Dante Controller V4.1.0.x Release Notes [354KB]
Data Sheet (Nuage) [4.3MB]
Data Sheet (Nuendo7) [579KB]
Nuage Setup Guide (Version 1.8) [12.8MB]