DTX drums

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DTX-PAD Outline

The DTX-PAD Offers The Ideal Feel

After years of designing and manufacturing some of the world's finest drums, Yamaha knows what it means for drums to feel good and play naturally. We designed the DTX-PAD to be the new standard in electronic drum pads, providing drummers with a pad that feels good, offers playability that is as close as possible to acoustic drums, and is exceptionally quiet. Teaming up with the world's top drummers to satisfy their demanding sense of perfection, we focused our knowledge and experience into designing the DTX-PAD. This next generation drum pad allows for true development of acoustic drumming techniques.

Pad Controller

Acoustic drums are among the loudest of instruments. We want drummers to enjoy playing more, so we designed the DTXdrums with quietness in mind. Since sound and vibration levels are very low, they make it possible for drummers to play at times and in places that they couldn't have before.

  • Pad Controller Pad Controller
  • Pad Controller


AA 3-zone design offers the same expressive capabilities as acoustic drums, making closed rim shots, open rim shots, and other playing techniques possible (excluding the XP70).

  • Open Rim Shot
    Open Rim Shot
  • Closed Rim Shot
    Closed Rim Shot


TCS Head (Textured Cellular Silicone Head)

Like a coated head on an acoustic drum, a certain amount of roughness helps to control stick slippage after hitting the head. This provides stick control comparable to that on an acoustic drum.

TCS Head Incorporates A Bubbled Structure

Inside the TCS head are a countless number of tiny bubbles. Controlling the size and density of the bubbles produces a variety of advantages.

Stick Control Close To Acoustic Drums

Stick control on the pad surface has been fine-tuned to a level that is close to what you experience on an acoustic drum. Rebound is natural with just the right amount of bounce to get the stick back into position in time for the next stroke. Snare and tom pads also have a slightly different response so as you move around the set it feels almost as natural as an acoustic kit. (XP120SD/T, XP100SD/T)

  • Stick Control Close To Acoustic Drums
  • Stick Control Close To Acoustic Drums
  • Feels Comfortable To Play

    Years of research has resulted in a playing surface that offers optimum rebound and stiffness delivering playing comfort that makes it hard to stop playing.

  • Extremely Quiet

    Bubbles in the TCS head act to cushion the stick's blow reducing the amount of “sound” produced when playing.

  • Reduces Stress On Wrists and Elbows

    When the stick hits the pad's surface, the bubbles absorb the shock to significantly reduce stress on wrists and elbows.

Floating System

Designing the pad with a floating playing surface improves pad sensitivity. This allows it to clearly articulate accents from ff to pp and detailed ghost notes—all essential requirements for drums.