Desk Top Audio

Stylish and convenient, these models make it easy to enjoy music with high quality sound as you go about your daily life. Use them anywhere, such as the kitchen, bedroom or den.


From the flagship model that provides the ultimate sound environment to the convenient model for easy surround sound, the sound bars fulfill your audio and home theatre entertainment desires.

AV Receivers / Amplifiers

Functioning as a MusicCast hub, they provide numerous external inputs for enjoying music from all types of equipment. In addition, they offer a seamless user interface that lets you enjoy all their music sources in all AVR zones with operation from the MusicCast App. They also make it possible to assemble an overwhelming multi-room audio system.


RX-V Series

Wireless Streaming Amplifiers

By connecting one of these amps to the audio amp or AV receiver and speakers you are presently using, you can fully enjoy the MusicCast feature, and listen to music with superb sound quality.

Hi-Fi Components

You are able to enjoy a new style of musical entertainment from legacy sources such as records and CDs to smartphone music, streaming services, high resolution content and more, all with Yamaha’s renowned high sound quality.

MusicCast CD-NT670

Network compatible CD player for freely enjoying a wide variety of music sources.

Finns i fler färger Finns i fler färger

MusicCast CRX-N470D

You’ll enjoy a wide range of sources and functions, from CD, USB and FM / DAB radio to the latest versions of Wi-Fi, MusicCast, AirPlay® and Bluetooth®. Not only convenience, you get all the high sound quality you demand. Support for MusicCast means you can always enjoy your favourite music. And by adding other MusicCast compatible components, you expand your musical enjoyment even further.

Finns i fler färger Finns i fler färger

Hi-Fi Systems

Delivering the high sound quality of a true Hi-Fi system, this all-in-one unit lets you enjoy a wide range of music sources with excellent sound quality.

Speaker Systems

With this all-in-one bookshelf Hi-Fi monitor speaker, you can enjoy a wide range of music sources with true Hi-Fi quality. It’s an all-round powered speaker system that you can also use near a PC or TV.