Flytande och balanserad förstärkning med MOSFET

Den grundläggande designen av slutstegskretsarna bygger på Yamahas egna Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier technology. Tekniken ger samma polaritet på plus och minus sidorna av slutsteget, och även en helt separerat NFB (negativ feedback) krets. Strömförsörjning i de totalt fyra plus och minus sidorna av vänster och höger kanal, resulterar i en helt symmetrisk push-pull drift av slutsteget. Den flytande och balanserade slutstegskretsen avlägsnar negativ inverkan av små spänningsvariationer eller jordbrus. MOSFET, ger en varm och naturlig ljudkaraktär. Användningen av MOSFET, som har samma polaritet på plus och minus sidorna, bidrar ytterligare till idealet om en fullständigt symmetrisk design. Med denna smarta lösning elimineras ljudkvalitets variationer på grund av skillnader i polaritet. Denna viktiga unika egenskap hos flytande och balanserade effektförstärkare resulterar i ljud med en överlägset signal-till-brusförhållande och ett utmärkt väldefinierat ljudresultat.

All-stage fully discrete construction, balanced transmission and low impedance design

The A-S2100 has achieved a fully discrete configuration during tone defeat, by thoroughly separating the tone control circuit from the signal system. This not only increases response but also improves slew-rate, and results in high range reproduction of greater vitality, richness and smoothness. Signal transmission and amplification features fully balanced transmission for thoroughly balanced operation, even of the control system circuitry. Signal loss through transmission has been significantly reduced, with the application of screw clamp connections and thick cables in connecting the pre amp unit with the power amp unit, which is vital for signal transmission, and in connecting the power step to the speaker terminals. This improves the damping factor and improves driver capacity and damping power of the speaker, resulting in vibrant and powerful bass reproduction.

Elektronisk volymkontroll med överlägsen kvalitet för optimalt ljud

We’ve utilised a high-quality digital volume control specially designed by New Japan Radio Co., Ltd., which consists only of ladder-type resistance, removing the impact of slew-rate decline or colouring of the sound, delivering higher purity in the sound, and excellent, fast response to large volume changes and steep transients. Moreover, the tone controls employ a triple-parallel method, minimising the detrimental impact on sound quality seen with straight-line tone controls. In addition, the bass, treble, and common circuits each utilise simple construction in which the NFB of the amp is not used and the CR elements are simply fixed in a straight line, ensuring exceptionally pure sound reproduction even when tone control is applied and superb response to audio signal transients. When tone defeat is applied, straight signal flow from only one volume circuit to a discrete configuration buffer amp is realised.

Large capacity power supply unit delivers energetic, dynamic sound with fast response

The A-S2100 employs an original EI transformer, carefully customised for optimum compatibility with the chassis. Combining four large capacity carbon sheath block capacitors delivers an energetic sound—even during high volume—that is possible only with the A-S2100. Moreover, since the control amp and control system is equipped with twelve shunt type local regulators that prevent deterioration caused by currency fluctuation, a clean and stable power supply is achieved. The EI transformer is mounted on the chassis using brass washer, restricting internal vibration that would result in noise.

Symmetrical design in pursuit of ideal stereo reproduction

The left-right symmetrical construction with the power supply in the centre and the power amp blocks on the ends achieves greater separation of the left and right channels—necessary for proper two-channel stereo reproduction—and ideal weight balance. Including fine tuning by a centre frame which extends from the front to the back of the casing, the A-S2100 has superb mechanical rigidity and installation stability that dramatically lessens the impact of external vibrations on sound quality.

Diskret konfigurerad phono amp

Phono förstärkaren består av en MC-förstärkare och en equalizer förstärkare. Den är diskret uppbyggd, vilket resulterar i ett detaljrikt, levande ljud med uttalad musikalitet. Oavsett om man spelar vinylskivor med MC eller MM pickup.

Headphone amp with fully discrete configuration

The headphone amp also is equipped with fully discrete configuration, for preeminent drivability and damping properties. Included as well is a specialised level trimmer that responds to various load impedances. The superior quality sound that only the A-S2100 can attain is yours to enjoy, even when listening on headphones.

Level meters visually reflect the dynamics in the music

The centre of the main unit features level meters that provide visual enjoyment of the music as well, with the rapid and delicate movement of the needles. The meter is illuminated softly from inside by LED, giving a warm, beautiful lamplight look. The meter indicators can, along with VU display, be switched to peak display, and can be selected according to your preferences. The window of the meters has been precision-fit to the panel—completely flat, with no gaps—for an elegantly beautiful appearance.

Elegant design with luxurious real wood panels

The refined design and construction of the A-S2100 reflects Yamaha’s commitment to fine craftsmanship and art, uniquely drawing on its long experience as a world-class musical instrument maker. The metal front panel and the side wood panels have been beautifully integrated by the masterful use of advanced processing technology. Moreover, the dials and tone controls are machined aluminium knobs, for a richly textured finish and graceful touch.

Original speaker terminals combine ease of use and beauty with high sound quality

Our meticulous obsession with quality continues through to the speaker terminals, which are the last and crucial link in the audio chain. Featuring screw type terminals. with originally designed handles, these are created by cutting pure brass, enabling secure connection with no reduction in sound quality. Contoured to the shape of human fingers, they not only look beautiful, but can be turned easily and fastened tightly with minimal effort. They are also compatible with connections using banana plugs.

Isolatorer för användning av spikes eller dämpkuddar

Isolatorer är viktiga för att blockera för yttre vibrationer. Yamahas original fötter av metall maximerar vibrationskontrollen. För att ytterligare förbättra kan du montera medföljande ”spikes” eller dämpkuddar på fötterna.

Fjärrkontroll med enkel design och bra känsla

Den medföljande fjärrkontrollen har en design som kompletterar aluminiumpanelen av själva förstärkaren. Den är enkel, logisk och lätt att förstå och har en bra metallisk känsla.. Förutom den grundläggande volymjustering och växling av ingångskällor på A-S3000, kan det också användas för styrning av CD-S3000.