Yamaha’s ADECIA Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams

"In a hybrid workplace it is critical to have the highest quality audio. The ADECIA products bring ceiling microphone & line array speakers to medium size meeting room applications for all users — in-person and those joining remotely — of the best quality Teams can offer," said Albert Kooiman, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft Corp.

High-Quality Audio

Yamaha’s DSP technologies for exceptional audio quality.


The scalable design makes the unit a cost-effective and flexible alternative to installed audio solutions.

Auto-tune setup

It allows participants to get meetings started quickly with audio optimized to their room’s conditions.

Plug & Play

Its plug-and-play simplicity. The flexible connectivity and set-up for any use case.

Conference Room with Ceiling Array Microphone

1. Ceiling Array Microphone

2. Remote Conference Processor

3. Dante PoE Powered Speaker System

4. Intelligent L2 Network Switch with PoE

5. Camera

6. Room Controller

7. PC