Yamaha Silent Experiences

The Yamaha Silent Experience is unique – an unforgettable combination of an acoustic instrument and innovative technology. Our Silent Concerts take you to beautiful places all around Europe to create musical experiences brimming with magic and charged with emotion.

When you put on the headphones, you enter your personal concert hall – while being surrounded by likeminded music enthusiasts in some of Europe’s most stunning environments.

Paris Music Festival

14th of March 2019

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Yamaha Silent Experience in your home


Experiencing a Silent Concert with hundreds or thousands of people around you is a very special, unforgettable event.

But you don’t have to travel or even leave the house to have your own personal Silent Experience: Bring the magic into your own home easily – with a Yamaha Silent Piano.

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Andrea Vizzini

Paving the way for Silent Wifi Concerts in Europe

Italian artist Andrea Vizzini is a true trailblazer when it comes to establishing Silent Wifi Concerts in Europe. It is thanks to him and his events in Italy that the Yamaha Silent Experience has become such a success and continues to inspire audiences throughout Europe. If you want to find out more about Andrea Vizzini and his work, you can visit his website www.pianolink.it


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