Beyond the score with David Bilger

The Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra shares his best tips to improve trumpet playing and much more.

While on tour with the Philadelphia Orchestra in May, we had the pleasure of spending some time with David Bilger, who visited our Atelier in Hamburg and hosted a Masterclass for the Musikhochschule Hamburg and Lübeck.

Known for his "easy brilliance" and for his "engaging legato touch", David Bilger is not only an exceptional musician but he is also an inspirational educator, who feels very strongly about the value of music education and is highly committed to continuously training and motivating young musicians.

We talked about this and much more with David, including life in the Orchestra, the challenges of trumpet playing and some fundamental skills to grow and improve as musicians.

Episode 5


Episode 1

How do you become a professional classical musician?​ How does it feel to play in an orchestra?

Episode 2

​What are the top 3 skills for a trumpet player? What are the best exercises to improve your trumpet playing?

Episode 3

What are the challenges musicians in the ochestra have to face?

Episode 4

What is behind Classical compositions?

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