Yamaha & Maurizio Simeoli, Flutes And Piccolos

The impossible dream - the quest for the ‘special’ sound results in success for Maurizio Simeoli and Yamaha

Yamaha flutes and piccolos have won the respect and loyalty of students, teachers and professional players the world over thanks to their remarkable tone, playability and durability.

One of the world’s most distinguished solo flute and piccolo players is Maurizio Simeoli. His musical achievements are exceptional, global and wide ranging and he is solo flute and piccolo player at La Scala Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestra and was solo piccolo in Staatskapelle Berlin. He is also a world-renowned and dedicated educator, regularly teaching and holding masterclasses at many leading schools and conservatoires.

When the time came for Maurizio Simeoli to seek a new piccolo to replace his existing instrument, he started to work in partnership with Yamaha. He wasn’t sure at the start of the partnership and development process whether the task he was setting Yamaha was possible or not - due to his precise sound requirements. Yamaha’s special understanding of the demands of such high-level artists, combined with the exceptional manufacturing, engineering and musical skills of Yamaha craftsmen, resulted in the acclaimed YPC-91MS and YPC-92MS piccolo models.

It was not a fast process: Yamaha technicians were constantly on hand during numerous solo and orchestral testing sessions . As they began working ever more closely together and the sound of the instrument was refined still further, the confidence of Maurizio Simeoli grew, and was regularly boosted as some of the world’s leading conductors and musicians began to make very favourable comments on the fledgling instruments.

This entire process led Maurizio Simeoli to hold Yamaha in even higher regard. Here he explains why Yamaha flutes and piccolos inspire him and his many students around the world.

“I have been working with Yamaha for many years now and it has been an extremely fruitful partnership.

My career takes me all over the world and Yamaha is there every step of the way. Yamaha’s flutes and piccolos are perfect for me and I really love my signature model piccolos with incredible intonation and quality of sound, so soft, sweet and powerful. The craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail are really second to none and the constant desire to improve, make Yamaha instruments some of the finest instruments available. I work with Yamaha because they give me the confidence and freedom to perform without limits, something that I know my students benefit from too.”