Yorgos Krommydas


Yorgos Krommydas

Born in Athens, in 1977, Yorgos Krommydas is regarded as one of the most talented and acclaimed jazz musicians in Greece.

Beside his education in classical music, he studied modern jazz guitar and modern harmony in Athens and Amsterdam. He has been teaching at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory since 2004.

He has collaborated with most of the famous Greek jazz musicians (George Kontrafouris, Takis Paterelis, Sami Amiris, Spyros Panagiotopoulos, Dimitris Tsakas, Pantelis Benetatos, Alex Drakos Ktistakis, Christos Asonitis, Antonis Andreou, Yorgos Georgiadis, Dimitris Kalantzis, Manos Loutas, Periklis Trivolis, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Martha Moreleon, Loukia Paleologou, Evi Siamanta, Kostis Christodoulou, and also with pop Greek artists.

He is a founder member of the band "Hot Club de Grece", a gipsy jazz quintet. He has made a lot of recordings and live performances. In June 2013 he represented Greece in the Athens European Jazz Festival. In April 2010 he created the Organ Trio with Gorge Kontrafouris and Christos Asonitis, and released, as a composer his first personal album, entitled "Jazzium" (Warner/EGE). His second personal album "Aggressive Thoughts" (Jadeo Music), which contains his new compositions was release in March 2013.