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This range of Pianos is called "Premium" as they embody all that is excellent and extraordinary in a Piano. Superb products that are the culmination of so many aspects of Yamaha; the history, manufacturing craftsmanship, performance pedigree and the desire to produce the best!

The Premium range features three models that will delight and possibly even surprise you with their power, tonal richness, dynamic range and colour. And at the same time the keyboard and its action are a absolute pleasure to use offering impeccable control that encourages the performer to reach new levels of musical expression. These handcrafted instruments are backed by over a hundred years of high calibre concert piano production, with extensive research analyzing what makes a truly great piano. Yamaha experts have spent many hours together with top world-class performers testing, evaluating and evolving the pianos into the instruments they are today--pianos that are capable of gracing any stage in the world.

Each and every component has been painstakingly crafted from the finest materials to ensure an optimum performance for the artist. From searching the world's forests to select only the best wood to hand-casting the frames, Yamaha has ensured that these products offer the best combination of pure piano performance, fantastic expression and control, great longevity and a simply stunning musical experience to rival any in the world.


Designed with the concept of “Beauty and Power”, Yamaha's CF Series pianos are characterized by rich and colorful tonal colors which provide unparalleled musical expression. The technical expertise gained in developing the CF Series has been shared in the designs of the other series. Yamaha Premium Pianos deliver an expansive sound which projects well, and even the most delicate pianissimo passages come to life with a presence which carries throughout the hall.



Hard maple and mahogany bridges with boxwood treble bridge cap

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Flyglarna i CF-serien karaktäriseras av ett rikligt utbud av tonala färger och en enastående förmåga att återge musikaliska nyanser. Flyglarna ”sjunger” med en imponerande uttrycksfullhet. CFX har en kraftfull bas och kan i alla register överrösta en sym...



The CF Series pianos are characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle expressive nuances. The CF Series pianos can "sing" phrases with a depth of expressiveness rarely heard. The seven foot long CF6 sounds alm...



The CF Series pianos are characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle expressive nuances. The CF Series pianos can "sing" phrases with a depth of expressiveness rarely heard. The six foot three length of the C...



S6 är större än S4 och passar perfekt för hemmabruk och framträdanden i mindre konsertlokaler.



Med S4 får du en konsertflygels rika och uttrycksfulla ljud.

Nyheter & Events


20/12/2016 [Musikinstrument]

Yamaha artist Hiromi is one of the most inventive and dynamic pianists and composers of her generation, electrifying audiences and critics alike the world over. Read more ...

6/9/2016 [Musikinstrument]
Yamaha to become ENO’s Official Piano Partner

English National Opera are thrilled to announce Yamaha as the Official Piano Partner of ENO. Read more ...

12/8/2016 [Musikproduktion]
Yamaha re-launches MX synthesizers: New models for stage & studio featuring FM synthesis app & fresh new colours

Rellingen, 21, July 2016 – Fresh colours and phat FM sounds: Yamaha presents the all-new MX series ultraportable synthesizers with new functions and designs.

28/6/2016 [Musikinstrument]
Montreux Jazz Festival – 50th Anniversary

From July 1st to 16th 2016, the Montreux Jazz Festival celebrates half a century of music: a fascinating journey that started in 1967 and has since taken place every summer at the scenic Lake Geneva.

16/5/2016 [Musikinstrument]
Yamaha C3XSH Silent Piano on tour with Adele

Following the massive global success of her latest album 25, 2016 sees Adele undertaking a major international tour, the sell-out UK leg of the tour already hailed by fans and attracting rave reviews throughout the national press.

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