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Silent kick unit that responds to your dynamics.



Compact kick pad. Big enough for a double foot pedal setup.



Finally a kick pad that keeps up with you when you’re at your best. Introducing the KP100, a digital kick pad built for players who demand stability and accuracy that is consistent with their level of playing.

Nyheter & Events


1/11/2015 [Musikinstrument]
Utökad garanti för alla nyinköpta DTX400 elektroniska trumset.

Från och med november 2015 erbjuder Yamaha ökad köptrygghet med 36 extra månaders garanti på alla nyinköpta elektroniska trumset i DTX400-serien.

13/11/2012 [Musikinstrument]
Yamaha DTX Drums Software Bundle

Purchase a new Yamaha DTX drum kit from the 500, 700, or 900 series between 1st September and 30th November 2012 within Europe, and receive a free superb collection of acoustic drum sounds from the renowned software BFD eco. All you need to do is to register via e-mail as the owner of a new Yamaha electronic drum kit.

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Protection Racket cases


The UK's #1 selling drum & guitar cases & accessories, chosen by the worlds best musicians to transport their equipment.

  • DTX400 kits up to 5 years warranty!

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Special Contents

  • Your DTXdrums: reloaded.
  • Perfection makes practice... easy
  • DTXdrums Quick Comparison
  • Pad/Module Compatibiliyty Table